Monday, March 31, 2008

From my friend Karen.....

Today I received my first blog award! It was given to me by my sweet friend Karen of Prairie River Primitives
Thank you Karen for being my friend! Be sure to check out Karen's wonderful blog!

I would like to pass along the "Thanks for being my Friend" to
Dana of Homespun Cottage and Liz of Brown and Hopkins!

I hope you will visit their blogs and they will pass the awards on to other well deserving bloggers!
Its a great way to connect in this great big cyber world!


Liz said...

Dear Cheryl! I am so fortunate to know you! It is wonderful to be able to share ideas with other great shop owners! Thank You for the Award!!! Can't say I never win anything anymore! LOL

Love ya!

Homespun Cottage said...

Thanks from me too Cheryl!! What an honor it is to be a part of our imaginery friend board!! I could never do the job I do without you all. I humbly accept your award and pass it to our friend Jen!!

Karen said...

YEAH!! Glad to see you passed it on...I didn't want to wipe out all of our options at once! ha! Go Liz, Dana and Jen!! Hugs, Karen